5 Ways Ruben Buys Houses is Revolutionizing Real Estate in Tampa

5 Ways Ruben Buys Houses is Revolutionizing Real Estate in Tampa

At Ruben Buys Houses, we take a different approach to real estate.

We offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional method of home buying and sales, including listing on the MLS with a real estate agent or attempting to sell on your own.

Now we don’t necessarily frown upon listing with an agent.

Because we work with outstanding agents in the local area that would be more than happy to help you get top dollar if you had the time.

Here are five ways Ruben Buys Houses is revolutionizing real estate in Tampa.


We work with you directly because we are a part of your community, unlike impersonal online transactions with investors who have never even been to Tampa.

Fully invested in improving our local neighborhoods one property at a time, Ruben Buys Houses is proud to know our work contributes to increased property value and lower crime statistics.

When you work with Ruben Buys Houses, you’re hiring our entire network of professionals from every industry associated with real estate and home repairs.

We also increase employment opportunities in the area through our work, which boosts overall market value.

With the power of funds and our experienced team, Ruben Buys Houses has revolutionized real estate in Tampa.

Listen to Your Problems

Listing your home on the MLS means paying high commissions.

It also means prepping your home for showings and the possibility of holding costs and expensive repairs.

It can also take a great deal of time for these listings to sell.

At Ruben Buys Houses, we understand your concerns about what may be one of the largest real property transactions of your lifetime.

We stop and take the time to listen to your unique situation, to help you buy a home or sell your home in the best way for your circumstances.

These issues may include time constraints, personal or financial obstacles, or sellers facing extensive repairs that make their case challenging.

At Ruben Buys Houses, we will answer all of your questions.

Because we want you to fully understand the risks and possible profit gained by the home sales method you choose, Ruben Buys Houses is revolutionizing real estate in Tampa by educating our buyers and sellers about the effects of their decisions.

Review Your Options

Your home is likely one of the largest financial investments of your lifetime.

When selling, Ruben Buys Houses helps you look at all of your options because Ruben Buys Houses wants you to feel confident about the home sales method you select.

When we meet buyers or sellers, we bring all factors into account.

We take the time to explain each step of the transaction, helping both buyers and sellers feel confident with their decisions.

When you work with us to sell your home, we offer full transparency in how we reach our offer, working with you to agree on a fair price.

Another way Ruben Buys Houses is revolutionizing real estate in Tampa is by suggesting sellers better suited by listing their property on the MLS contact a real estate agent directly.


Another way Ruben Buys Houses is revolutionizing real estate in Tampa is by offering a convenient way to sell a home, much like making a quick and convenient trade-in towards a new product.

For sellers that may not have any issues with their property yet would simply prefer to avoid all of the hassles of listings, showings, negotiations, and the like, we offer a one-stop-shop.

Not only can we quickly buy their home, usually closing within 30 days or less, but we also have an inventory of newly rehabilitated properties becoming available regularly.

We are also able to work out special terms financing when it comes to selling your property to us.

Some of those terms may include “lease options”, “seller finance”, “fix and list” just to name a few.

Choose Your Closing Date

Because we won’t be moving into the house, Ruben Buys Houses is revolutionizing real estate in Tampa by allowing sellers to move when it is more suitable to their schedule.

This flexibility in setting the closing date means that you won’t have to worry about any temporary housing solutions between your existing property’s closing date and the move-in date for your new home.

You can go ahead and start making plans for your new home, relying on our firm closing date.

We make it easy because when it’s time to move, you can just take whatever you want to keep with you.

We will take care of the rest on your behalf, and you won’t even need to clean! 

Feel free to call Ruben Buys Houses with any questions you may have, with no obligation.

Our focus is on helping buyers and sellers resolve their problems.

The professionals at Ruben Buys Houses stay in tune with the market because of our dedication to helping you earn the highest potential profit.

We also understand how important building wealth through real estate investments can be to your future potential passive income.

Ruben Buys Houses helps buyers layout both short and long-term plans for their real estate investments, including their exit strategy.

At Ruben Buys Houses, we interact with the Tampa real estate market every day, follow updates on upcoming trends in real estate and help you with making any adjustments to your investment plans.

Ready to learn about even more ways Ruben Buys Houses is revolutionizing real estate in Tampa? Send us a message or call Ruben Buys Houses at 8772440276 today!

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